Starters Reading

Oxbridge Starters (click on this)

This reading worksheets has 4 parts, which enhance the reading skills of young learners of English. Let them read the questions all by themselves and motivate them to find the correct answer.

Note for the teachers.

Those who are interested in my lessons, you may contact me and send a message. I will support you with your teaching and send more worksheets.

Tel: 072 5333561 e mail:

About Oxbridge College

I am the Founder and Managing Director of the Oxbridge College, Hatton. We mainly promote the Cambridge English Assessment Tests, which provide serious English assessments and courses for learners of English. I see myself as a lesson planner and a tutor as well. Good luck. Shiva Kadireshion TESOL - UK DIRECTOR OF STUDIES CONTACT LAND: 051 2223053 MOBILE: 0725333561 WEB: WWW.ESOLEFL.WORDPRESS.COM EMAIL: ESOLEFL@GMAIL.COM
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