Reading for Cambridge Starters

1. Look at the picture. Write one-word answer on the line.5


2. 51



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English Spelling is a must skill to be developed at an early age as possible. The students at our college are truly privileged to study under a well experienced and qualified teacher of English.

Congrats S. Samandi on brilliant attempt to get all the words spelt correctly.  Keep up your hard work.

Oxbridge College, Hatton

sCongratulations , Kaviya on your success! Keep it up.


Mas Maleesha achieved the highest marks for Reading Comprehension. He got 100 marks!  It’s quite outstanding. Congratulations on your incredible achievement. Keep it up!

Class Teacher

Oxbridge College, Hatton

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Congratulations on your hard work! At this age of 6, you have proved that you are a talented girl! Keep it up !


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This little girl, Tanya Roshani is improving her skills in English tremendously. As a teacher, I am so proud of her remarkable  achievement. Now she can read and spell new words that have been taught. Keep your good work up!


PS: Roshani, many happy returns of the day. It’s your 5th birthday, right! Good luck!


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English Tips

about to

I am about to

You are about to

He is about to

She is about to                   +  have lunch.

It is about to

We are about to

They are about to

be + about +to infinitive

If you are about to do something you are going to do it very soon.


1. Don’t go out now. We’re about to have dinner.

2. I was about to go to bed when the telephone rang.

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Teacher Affirmations

Teacher Affirmations


Today’s Thought:

Good teachers teach information. Great teachers teach repeatable processes. The best teachers teach thinking skills.

Today I am featuring some affirmations for one of our most important professions – teachers.

I received a TESOL. in Education and planned to go into teaching at one point in my life. Life took me in another direction, but I have always appreciated and respected what teachers do for all of us.

1) Teaching is my purpose! Teaching is my passion! Teaching is my life!
2) Great teachers are great learners. I am a great teacher and a great learner.
3) I am an awesome teacher making a real difference in the lives of my students today!
4) Today my students have my absolute commitment.
5) Today I give my students all I can so that tomorrow they can be all they can!
6) My teaching makes an impact in the world in completely unexpected and amazing ways.
7) Each and every day, I bring knowledge and dedication to my classroom.
8) I love teaching! At the end of every day, I KNOW I have made a difference.
9) I am a great teacher! I am a great teacher! I am a great teacher and I get better and better each and every day!
10) I am a great teacher! Each day I strive to be that teacher my students will look back on an say, “Thanks!”
11) I thrive on making [fill in your subject] relevant to the lives of my students and today I do!
12) Teaching is more a relationship than a job or a role. Today I remember to relate the learning to each student!
13) A great teacher lives within me! Today that teacher is shaping futures!
14) Today and every day, I stay focused by remembering why I got into teaching!
15) Each and every day, I share life’s greatest gift – the gift of learning!
16) My commitment to my students is unwavering, but they must meet me half way!
17) I own my responsibility as a teacher and insist that parents do the same!
18) Like all good teachers, I share my knowledge. Like all great teachers, I share a my joy for life and learning.
19) Every moment has within it, the power to transform every moment that came before it.
20) Today I am a good teacher becoming a great teacher!
21) Today I am a great teacher becoming a world-class teacher!
22) Today I AM a world-class teacher!

Please share these with your favorite teacher!

Follow your bliss! Experience your bliss! Become your bliss!



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Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, said he will destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. He said it might take one year to do this. Mr Assad said it was a difficult and expensive thing to do. He said it might cost $1 billion. He also said it was bad for the environment. He asked America to pay and to take the deadly chemicals to the U.S. America wants a plan that includes military action if Syria does not keep its promise. Russia said no to this idea.

President Assad said rebels attacked Damascus with chemical weapons last month. Russia says it has information to show this is true. America says Syria’s army used the sarin gas. Assad said America was wrong. Russia says America cannot prove this. Mr Assad said sarin gas is called kitchen gas because any rebel can make it in his house. He said Syria is in a new kind of war because fighters from over 80 countries are with the rebels.

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